My Upwork Success Guide for Beginners – $500+ Within 2 Weeks

Today, I want to share my success in Upwork to serve as a reference guide for upcoming Upwork freelancers.

Furthermore, before I proceed with any successful tips and tricks on Upwork, I will first of all brief you about my career on Upwork.

I believe it will serve as an encouragement for those that have been in the system for long without having results.


My Upwork Success Story

I started my career as a freelance writer in late 2019 – 2020 when I got started in the digiprenuership stuff, and just like every other person I pass through difficulties in getting jobs online.

So during the course of looking for jobs or services to render, I got knowledge about freelancing platforms, and the first one I explored was Fiverr.

I didn’t get success there, I also tried others, and then Upwork still no positive result.

Although, all these while I have been getting some jobs recently and building relationships, even my freelance writing service is recognized by a US jobs vacancy company as seen in the image below.


But then, I still wanted to get familiar with using the freelance sites and getting jobs successfully based on the success stories I have heard, so I started my personal research and development to know what works and what doesn’t work in Upwork freelancing.

During the course of my research, a friend of mine Joseph Nnaemeka recommended a program (South-South Media West) for me to attend.

Although I have been reading random guides about Upwork Freelancing on google and watching some free videos I can find on youtube.

But then, I still had to pay for the program, and get to travel to another state to partake, and behold during the 5 days there, on the 3rd day of the event the speaker was Emmanuel Akpe (The Prince of Copywriting) someone who is an Upwork celeb in freelance copywriting.

Me with The Prince of Copywriting (Emmanuel Akpe)
Me with The Prince of Copywriting (Emmanuel Akpe)

He ditched out a lot of values about his career in relation to Upwork freelancing, and then that gave me a sparkle of confidence to keep pushing.

After I returned from that event, I had a different point of view: I focused on building my portfolio more than ever before.

The domain I bought is, I began to make a copy design and plan of hahaha. My intentions were to replicate his work to know if I can replicate his success.

So with that, I created and a new Upwork account, and in less than 2week,

  • I landed my first job of $468
  • In less than one week after the previous job I landed another one of $3/hr working for 10 hours in a week, contract for over 6months.
  • While that is ongoing I still got a shocking $90/week job on a long-term contract.

So with this short success story of mine, I hope you feel motivated and agile to put in the work, have faith, focus, and confidence.

With that said. I will ditch out my Upwork tips, I am not actually interested in teaching you how Upwork works.

If you want to know how Upwork works you can go to Youtube and watch some helpful videos.

What I am interested to show you is the most important tips to get jobs on Upwork are.

My Tips & Tricks to Closing Jobs on Upwok by Sending an Iressitible Proposal

Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee to these tips I am about to ditch out for you, but then, if you try to replicate them, maybe you can also replicate the success just like I have done.

1. Get a Professional Profile in a Working Niche

Now, these don’t have anything to do with approving an account on Upwork, you can pay someone to do that for you.

I will recommend you join the Bull Network Upwork SMEs training where they do instant Upwork account approval.

But then, here’s how I got my account set up and approved by myself.

Upwork verification

Phase1. I used my LinkedIn profile, though I have had an account for years with 1.9k+ followers. What I did was convert my profile into a resume.

Then I use the resume, and my LinkedIn profile to create an account on Upwork, and within 24hours it was approved.

So the gist here is after you have gotten your account approved, you need to complete the Upwork profile set up to 100%.

By providing quality information where appropriate.

P.S I can’t show full image details because I have different profiles base on the kind of services I am marketing.

For Instance, I have a custom profile on

  • Crypto and Blockchain,
  • Digital Marketing, and
  • SEO.

So when I want to apply for a crypto project, I won’t use my general profile but the custom one made for crypto.

Upwork has provided the features to have multiple portfolios account aside from your general account, so make use of it.

Please note that your profile is an opportunity to advertise your freelance business to potential clients, below is an image overview of my profile in Upwork.

upwork profile

The skills you select are actually your niche, and so will comprise of the kind of jobs offer you see on your feeds, it is best to narrow down to niches that are broad and less competitive.

For instance. Content writing is very competitive because everybody can write, so remember the first time I came on Upwork was as a freelance but now I came as a Blockchain Technologist / Marketer.

That makes a huge difference.

2. Finding Jobs on Upwork

Searching for jobs and setting up your job feed is easy. It’s also important to be an active user of Upwork, this helps to ensure you never miss out on projects you’re the best fit for.

Tips for Success Contract

Regardless of which type of contract you and your client agree to, make sure you always

  • Agree to final payment terms (hours, deliveries and cost) on the contract offers page.
  • Confirm that your client has a verified payment method on file
  • Always deliver work through the Upwork platform
  • Only receive payment through your Upwork account

Now that you are ready to submit proposals to a client, here’s how the process work.

  • Find a project you like and press the “submit’ a proposal button (Always find jobs on the “Most Recent for You and Best Matches” section to get targeted jobs that best suit your profile.)
  • Review the number of connects required to submit a proposal, and your connect balance (a new verified accounts get free 50 connects).
  • Check the Contractor “Hire Rate” (If the hire rate is low, then you should know it will be difficult to close the deal, and you may waste your connect).
  • Writing a winning proposal why you’re the best fit for the job
  • Enter your offered rate, write a cover letter, add attachment (if any) link out to samples, and send the proposal

Extra tips: When you send a proposal, send a gift (a bonus offer to help your client get the best result for their project at no additional cost). Everybody loves free stuff.

Extra tips: Your proposal shouldn’t be too long, but narrative and filled with materials, or resources you have to get the job done. Sharing links to your previous jobs outside Upwork, with additional attachments in line with the job you’re applying for, is a great advantage over other proposals that will be sent.

3. Passing an Interview

After you have submitted your winning proposal. If the client requests an interview, that doesn’t mean you have got the job already.

You still have to quickly reply with your availability, and during the process, always ensure to make reference to your previous works that are in line with the task.


This will increase your chances of winning the contract, and earning you free connections to propose more jobs.

If your potential client is in a different time zone, you have to prepare, most of the time I get a job late at night or early morning because of time zones.

4. Doing the work and getting paid

You control how you get the work done, and your client will rely on your expertise to get started.

Now, always take advantage of this by re-proposing further roles that you can handle, or feel are needed to be done to ensure the project becomes perfect.

These might get you another gig or elongate your contract. Once you complete your contract your client has the opportunity to rate your work from 1 – 5 stars with final feedback.

Ensure to over-deliver so as you will get the 5-star rating as this helps to build your portfolio.

The most important things you can do to receive good final ratings are:

  • Delivering quality works
  • Communicating early, and often with your clients, and
  • Being an overall pleasure to work with him.

5. Pay Attention to the Job Success Score

Your job success score is a comprehensive single measure of your work and reputation on Upwork.

Talented freelancers who deliver high-quality works to their clients find that the job success score helps them promote their business
in the Upwork marketplace.

Extra Tips: Update your portfolio once a project is done, adding an image or link to the final product, if it’s permitted by the client.

6. Upwork Badge

Strive to get Upwork badges. The top-rated program recognizes freelancers who consistently deliver high-quality work to their clients. The badge helps your Upwork profile stands out.

How do you qualify for Badge

Meanwhile, when you verify your account you get a verification badge, that one is easy to get just complete your KYC. To qualify for top-rated programs you need to follow the requirements.

  • A job success score of at least 90%
  • 12 month earning of at least $1,000 ( I am already above $500+ in a month)
  • An account in good standing (no dispute case with client)
  • A 100% complete profile with photo
  • Up to date availability
  • At least 30 days of work history on Upwork.

Now, these will take months of hard work and consistency to get. But then, you can also target the Rising Talent Badge by doing the following below.

  • A 100% complete Upwork profile
  • Up to date availability status
  • Regularly submitting proposals to projects relevant in your skill set
  • Deliver great work to your client and receive great feedback
  • Complete your projects on time and work as promised.

Once you have enough work history to earn a great job success score. You’ll no longer be eligible for the Rising Talent program. But you can then start working towards Top-Rated Status

Final Verdict

How you run your business is completely up to you, but here are some practices you have to consider.

  • Respect deadlines
  • Be a pleasure to work with
  • Set clear expectations
  • Communicate early, communicate often
  • Always send a bonus or jara offer
  • Under promote and over deliver.

If you want to get more tips on Upwork and other digital soft skills, locate and join the BULL NETWORK ORGANIZATION Facebook group.

Your’s Faithfully
Johnmiracle Ejikeme

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