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This book is a must-read for everyone who wants to start and blog, and make money from it consistently.


Here’s a note for you from the Author, in his own words


“Hello, my name is Johnmiracle Ejikeme. I am a blogger, and blockchain technologist that you always dreamt of. It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Let me tell you a little about me and my blogging journey.

In 2019, I was broke and I needed to make money, due to the recession of the country they was no good paying job for me then, I couldn’t take a computer operator job just to get paid 15K monthly. That’s slavery.

I decided to look for a way to make money online, and then blogging was the only option that I got.

Why, because of this 3 reasons:

  1. Because It is simple to operate
  2. It requires little to zero capital
  3. The profit is limitless.

But then, I am a total newbie with zero blogging tolerance.

So I started my blogging journey from scratch from a free blogging platform (blogger) where I made few bucks to upgrade to a professional platform.

The image below shows my blog on a free platform as at 2019 when I started.  My blog name was (

Screenshot 20210103 070616

In my first few month of free blogging I was able to make more than $100 on a free blogging platform.

Lolz, it was all because I had a written down blogging strategy.

I actually shared how I did it in a book I titled “Blog Wealth Formula” (when you buy this book you will get my Blog formula for free)

blog wealth formula

After, I have acquired so much blogging knowledge I decided to step up my game, going to a professional paid platform so I migrated from a free blogging platform (blogger) to a professional paid platform (WordPress) in late 2019.

 I still applied my blogging strategy and I was able to make monthly 6 figures from my blog monthly, and I grew my blog popularity and traffic, to my greatest achievement I pulled in 1Million Google Search in 3 Month search console of my blog.

As I was enjoying my blogging life, someone (Mr. Johnson Jay founder got interested in my blog and offered me $500 (N200, 000) to sell it for him so I agreed because I know that I can rebuild something better from my already built knowledge.

Screenshot 20210103 215014

Screenshot 20210103 215024

Screenshot 20210103 215044

Yes, after selling it on October, I created a new blog (, and in my first month I was able to make over $400 (N150,000+) currently it has pulled over 100k Google Search traffic in 3month. I always share tips to help new bloggers out on my social profile and some blogging groups.

Screenshot 20210103 215346

Screenshot 20210103 215357

Now, I have compiled everything I know about blogging for you in this book I called THE BLOGGING BOOK plus 4 other awesome bonuses you would have spent cash to get.

This book is a must-have for everyone who wants to start a blog and make money or who has a blog and not making enough money.



You do not just get this book – You also get 4 amazing bonuses

Bonus 1 – My Blog Wealth Formula

blog wealth formula

This is my first blogging report where I exposed the very blogging strategy I used on my free blog to earn more than $100 in my first month, and first time of blogging.

Bonus 2 – Google SEO Starter Guide

google seo starter guide

A book released by Google that shows exactly how bloggers can run SEO correctly on their blog to get more website visitors to their blog from Google search engine without spending a penny on any third party SEO tools.

Bonus 3 – Google Backlinks Sheets


gooble backlink sheet

This is my first compiled list of backlinks I used for my blog that skyrocket my traffic, and domain authority. There are over 100 free high DA backlinks in this sheet, and you know backlines are essential for every blog.

Bonus 4 – My 3 Code System to Earning 6 Figure Online

3 code system

This is my best seller course in 2019, where I showed my internet marketing strategy I used to make 6 figures income monthly. You are so lucky to get it as a bonus.


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