My Business in a Nutshell

There are so many misconceptions about me especially when it comes to my career profession. Some categorize me as a crypto trader because I own Bull is Coming (a crypto media company), and I am the founder of Bull Members Organization Token (BMOT).

While others classify me as a blogger because I own several blogs, some still categorize me as an information/affiliate marketer, freelancer, and the list goes on and on.

So I have decided to clear the air by coming up with this publication “My Business in a Nutshell”

No doubts, as business owners we manage and face a perplexing array of management theories and practices and a variety of the wall thoughts on how business should be run.

The most amazing fact, it is not like I have an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) neither did I even studied Business or any other finance-related course in school.

But I believed if I had done any of the aforementioned above, I would be able to:

  • Develop skills in business functions: economics, finance, marketing, management, operations, and accounting.
  • Acquire valuable soft skills: leadership, teamwork, ethics, and communication
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset: I want to become innovative and opportunistic to tackle the challenge of a dynamic, global world.

Well, the skills and attitudes I have acquired from reading books and other resources have enabled me to develop my career to its fullest potential in less time, and without all the resources school requires.

Certainly, I am not just going to list my business or services plain to you, rather I would briefly explain how I started, my labor of the journey, and then fruit from it.

My Business in a Nutshell

john show 1

Unlike many other people, I had a boss, and even as I had a boss I never wanted to fire my boss. All I want was just the “FREEDOM” that’s associated with entrepreneurship.

When I first thought of starting a business, the skills I had acquired then were.

  • Computer Operator
  • Graphic Design

These were the two soft skills I paid to learn, and due to my passion for computers, creativity, and the internet. I was able to develop really fast.

After I was done with my soft skill training mentioned above, I got admitted into the Niger Delta University in the faculty of Sciences, Chemical Science.

During my first year, I did focus my energy on my study, and then also self-practicing, and studying “How to Blog, and Make Money off the Internet”.

I was a creative writer already, from my computer training I can type fast, and do quick design which in summation of my soft skills, I could provide awesome content for people to consume.

As time goes on as I connect with new people, new ideas, I grew.

In my second year in the university, that was when I started my first company blog (Mitrobe) after migrating from Blogger to WordPress because I have fled the confidence that I am ready,

All these while I was blogging with my smartphone, you can imagine how daunting that could be, but I kept the work on.

With further learning, practice, and reading, I was able to start making a cool amount of money from my blog, and then I bought myself a new smartphone, because blogging with phones, had made me condemn so many phones.

So I had to buy a new one with the high operating system.

Not long after I bought my new phone, I jokingly placed my site (Mitrobe) for sale on Facebook boom I got an offer, after negotiation I was able to close the sale, and I sold it for N200,000.

I sold it because I needed to buy a laptop urgently and then other kinds of stuff.

So after selling it off, I started afresh with a new blog (, this time around on a different niche, and then it wasn’t really tasking anymore, I just rinsed and repeat the blogging strategy I used on the other blog, and it worked magic.

Not long after I started Bulliscoming, I launch my company Bull Network, got registered with CAC, and then got an office for myself.

No longer a roadside blogger. I am winning.

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Meanwhile, I have done heavy reading and practices on Blogging and SEO, and it got to a stage that the blogging and SEO services I seldom hire people to do, I now do all by myself.

In fact, I now started offering the same service to others, and I do a great job for them.

Things started making more sense to me.

So I decided to grow further, so I went into growing from a small business owner to becoming a CEO, and then I started my business self-education, and personal development.

I read books, I travel to seminars to hear successful people share their insights and more,

It felt like a school excursion, haha.

But then, the passion is the difference. It made me capture faster,

My Business as a Blogger

my business as a blogger

I started my first Internet career as a blogger. My first blog was developed on the Google Blogger platform “Uniquepeopleblog” in 2018 when I have little to no knowledge of WordPress (the most popular CMS platform).

Then 2019, when I have gathered more knowledge on blogging, I changed my blog name from “Uniquepeopleblog” to “Mitrobe” while still on the Blogspot platform.

It was on Mitrobe I made my first $100 (offering private ads sales, and services) in the first month of blogging without any third-party ad network because of my sense of monetization.

Still, from 2019 to 2020 I moved “Mitrobe” from Google Blogger to WordPress, because I was focused on standardizing my career.

In 2021 I sold mitrobe for $400, and then dive into a crypto niche with the brand name “Bulliscoming“, and then further exploration, and launching of blogs, getting partners, and workers to work with.

So this is my life as a blogger, with that said. I also offer various Blog & SEO services, and I have compiled all my blogging materials to help newbies or struggling bloggers get it right.

Check out — All My Blogging Success.

My Business as a Crypto Trader and Blockchain Consultant

My crypto and blockchain career started in late 2020 when I sold my tech niche blog to start a crypto blog.

Because I will be providing content on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related topics I had to get a ground knowledge of what I will be writing about.

That has been my secret blogging discipline.

Blog about What you are knowledgeable on or what you want to learn.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme

So in that sense, I had to go for a professional course on Udemy “A – Z Blockchain Technology” worth $157 for $9.99 on a BLACK FRIDAY giving a discount of $120


It took me months to finish the course because of the duration and features of the course, and that was how I got so inclined in Blockchain Technology.

With the knowledge I got there, I started up Bull Network Organization, and developed the utility token Bull Members Organization Token.

Now, I even offer Blockchain-related services on Upwork.

My Business as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is just a complex word that comprises several sub-skills set such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales page building, and a lot more

Now, from the shortlist above, I know up to 80% of the skills to a high level. I didn’t just have the skills in a blue moon.

I had to learn one, add another, and another, and that’s how I became a multi-skilled digital marketer.

I observe that many people get the wrong impression of Digital Marketing. While, others, are neglecting to top-up their digital skills by learning more.

Learning has been a part of me, I have traveled to listen to successful Digipreneurs like Mark Angel speak about their internet marketing tips and tricks they used to push their brand to the next level.

IMG 20210525 WA0099 1
Johnmiracle meeting with Mark Angel at South-South Media Week

The most amazing thing about digital marketing is that it creates several rooms for monetization.

  • You can lecture and earn more
  • You can offer a service on upwork or other freelance platform
  • You can take up a social media manager job
  • You can grow your social platform and monetize it, and a lots more.

The flexibility of digital marketing, makes me always want to top-up my skill set, and until today I don’t find it hard to get a job because I am multi-skilled, and can handle a wide array of jobs in various categories.

My Business as a Freelancer

I went into blogging because of my great writing and editing skills.  So why blogging for myself, gaining more knowledge in the field, and building my portfolio.

I ventured into offering Freelancing writing, and then as I acquire more digital skills, I build my portfolio on it and as well offer it as a freelance service.

Meanwhile, my freelance job from the start where mostly private, so I decided to step up my freelance career by utilizing a freelance platform.

I have tried several platforms like (Fiverr), and the result was so poor.

I also tried Udemy, People Per Hour, and wasn’t still contended with my results.

So I had to learn more, and lucky for me, I met with Emmanuel Akpe ( the Prince of Copywriting) at the South-South Media West event in Port Harcourt, where he shared some of his Upwork freelance tips and tricks.

Me with The Prince of Copywriting (Emmanuel Akpe)
Me with The Prince of Copywriting (Emmanuel Akpe)

I put to practice most of his success, and when I returned to Upwork, I got my success real quick,

  • Hitting a $460 job in 2weeks of launching an account
  • Got verified as well
  • Got more Brand visibilty and Hires
udemy 2

I am able to handle a lot of freelance jobs coming m way because I own Bull Network Agency, and currently has over 10 employees, which helps to get work done perfectly, and in time.

My vision and mission are to grow Africa’s largest digital marketing agency firm

My Business as a Coach, Mentor, Speaker and a Thought Leader

my business as a coach

Coaching is a thing of passion for me, and I started coaching people about Crypto, Blog & SEO, and other of my businesses based on my experience and successes so far.

All the way I was focus on achieving new feet, and also coaching people on how to achieve those same feet or do better.

Along the line, I also picked value in Public Speaking, and also launched my Mentorship programs via Bull Network.

I want to thank myself for having successfully tutored over 500+ people in the various business fields, what works, and what doesn’t work. And it brings me great joy to see them succeed.


Yeah, these are my business in a nutshell for now.

I used the phrase “For Now” because I am still learning new skills, and of course, my businesses have just begun, and I will endeavor to continue to update this article with my newfound businesses to keep you abreast.

Maybe you could find inspiration, motivation, success in any one of my businesses so far.

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  1. Abimbola Adeshewa July 31, 2021 at 8:13 am

    That was an inspiring read, you are simply amazing 😍.
    Keep up the energy, more inspirations to fly higher.

    1. Johnmiracle July 31, 2021 at 8:15 am

      I appreciate your kind words ma.

  2. Inyekwe Romanus August 6, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    Bro, you are a genius already, love your writing straight to the point and understandable. Keep it up .
    Have a question though, am new into blogging , How can someone get a” Google Trend”is to to download it? I will be glad if my question will be answered. Thanks


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