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Who is Johnmiracle Ejikeme

Johnmiracle Ejikeme, (born 1998), described by a client as a ‘Future Self Made Multi-Millionaire’, is the host of Bull Network Organization, a Blockchain Program aimed at fighting poverty at a global scale, and providing extreme education, implementation, and acceptance of Blockchain Technology at large:

Johnmiracle Ejikeme Authobiography

johnmiracle ejikeme
Johnmiracle Ejikeme

My name is Johnmiracle Ejikeme, A BSc. Holder in Pure & Applied Chemistry, Niger Delta University. A certified chemist that turns out to be a Digiprenuer. A 23-year-old and a lover of technology and adventure.

Hey, I am a native of Imo State, Nigeria born into an Igbo family of 6, and I happen to be the 2nd Son, having 1 senior brother and 5 sisters. I happen to be the 2nd to the last born, although I behave like the last born of the family.

You are welcome to my space on the internet, and I appreciate you as you find it interesting to read about me. Now, let me tell you more stuff about my career and how my journey to success began.

Johnmiracle Early Life

Life in Nigeria for an average citizen is quite thoughtful, with so many inspirations and expectations. But then, despite the fact that there’s so much value in me to shelve out, I have tied to my guardian’s belief that education is the only way.

Of course, education is the only way, I don’t actually mean the education that happens in lecture rooms, but in general because whatever we do is learning.

It was a tough journey, keeping good grades in schools and working on my entrepreneurship journey, cost me not just money, but time and focus as well.

I got admitted into Niger Delta University, 2018, for a 4 years course that took me more than 4years to graduate due to negative factors such as Assu Strike which is common in Nigeria every 4 years.

Johnmiracle Career

I started my career as a Digiprenuer in early 2018 first as a blogger with zero knowledge of what blogging is. I got inspired to start a Digital life due to I see a lot of people who live the Financial Freedom way of life, and I discover that, there’s something unique in all of them.

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They are mostly influentials, and ofcourse their job is 90% work from home ( I loved that kind of lifestyle).

  • You decide when you go to work
  • You decide when you go off work.

If I am not mistaken, everybody loves and aspires to live such a lifestyle, but then, we all will not get to achieve it because of the work associated.

Well, I started my blogging journey by making reading a habit, I read through every piece of work about blogging that comes my way and I ask fellow bloggers I met online their own debut about blogging.

It was all this data I was able to capture I used to startup my digital career, then I discovered that blogging is not just having a blog, and then publishing articles. but a career on its own. I see Blogging as a school and as such has different curriculums and stages.

Because I saw it so large, I decided to ensure other similar skills associated with blogging I was able to acquire then and as well implement them to getting a positive result, and that lead to me becoming a serial entrepreneur with multi expertise.

There are so much skills associated with the term “blogging” such as:

And I was dedicated to learning them all.

That was how I continued learning, building up my portfolio, and implementing the skills I have learned, and until presently I have built a thousand $$$ company Bull Network.

john 1

The goal of this company is a massive one, and by grace, if it works just the way the planning has been developed then the success will be a far ahead.

My Biggest Career Accomplishment

In my career, my biggest accomplishment occurred late in 2020, when I sold my first 6 figure generating company (Mitrobe) that took me a year to build for an estimate of $400 one-off payment.

And immediately I sold it, I quickly startup another (Bulliscoming), and to my greatest surprise in the first month of my startup I was able to make $500 in commission, and that was the greatest achievement I have ever recorded so far.

My Mission & Vision

My mission and vision are to ensure that during my career success I should be able to have built people to a height of which they would have never found it easy to attain on their own accord.

I am focused on helping people with my studies, findings, and development, and at large to add to the fight for poverty eradication on a global scale that’s one of the reasons why I created

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