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Information Marketing Business in Nigeria Secret to 6-7 Figure Income

Have you heard of the term Information Marketing Business in Nigeria or this is your first time to hear of it?

If this is your first time then count yourself lucky as you are about to discover the secret business of many self-made millionaires in Nigeria.

Why because it is a secret business used by many popular people in Nigeria that eventually turn out to be multi-millionaires. Let me ask you a question?


If you have ever been so broken before that you thought of what business can make you money so quick. Now, instead of risking the remaining naira you have into Ponzi schemes or joining MLM programs and then you get stuck later in a matrix.

You can startup up an Information Marketing Business in Nigeria, and if you get it right you will become the next Multi-Millionaire in Nigeria.

In today’s guide I am going to be explaining vividly How Information Marketing Business In Nigeria can change your life as it has done to many but before then, let me introduce you to some multi-millionaires that emerged through this Information Marketing in Nigeria.

Few List of Information Marketing Business in Nigeria Multi-Millionaires

1. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase –

Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase

The Chairman of Complete Communications Ltd, Publishers of Complete Sports Newspaper, Success Digest Daily, and Complete Football. He is one of the pioneers of the Information marketing revolution in Nigeria and built his publishing business empire said to worth more than N600Million through the information marketing business in Nigeria.

2. Akin Alabi –

Akin Alabi

The popular author “Small Business Big Money”, though I haven’t had a personal encounter with him I have seen and heard a lot about his Information marketing exploit. He is one guy I admire in his tactics and selling skills very much. A very talented Information Marketer and Sales Pitch Copywriter, Mr. Alabi built his Sports Betting company (Nairabet) and other businesses (Currently worth OVER N1Billion) purely with the money he made from Information Marketing.

3. Efe Imiren 

Efe Imiren

She calls herself Information Marketing Queen and I think she truly is. This lady has a unique marketing ability through which she has conquered many information marketing niches in Nigeria. She has been able to carve a niche for herself in the Information Marketing business in Nigeria. She currently boasts of some multi-million Naira investments in and outside information business in Nigeria.

Ik Iroegbu 

Ik Iroegbu

His information product website was probably one of the most popular sell page in Nigeria in those days. I believe he founded BoligComm Ltd. from the profit he made in Information Marketing.

What is Information Marketing

Just as the name implies, Information Marketing business is the business of providing useful information to information seekers to helping them solve their problems and charging for it.

Let us put it this way – Every day, two hundred thousand people are looking for information on:

How to make money online running a Whatsapp TV

If you have useful information or software on how anyone can use or start a successful WhatsApp TV business and package it in eBook, DVD, Audio, or other formats. These people are willing and ready to buy it from you at a reasonable price.

If you sell 1,000 copies or the software of the information at N2,500 each, you will make 2500×1000 =N2,500,000. You can achieve this in no time if you are good at it.

So the question is not whether there is money in the Information Marketing business in Nigeria, the real question should be “How to get in and get it right”?

How to Start An Information Marketing Business in Nigeria

I want to give you a little background about me, and how I came about being a high earner in the information marketing business industry in Nigeria.

I started information marketing business in Nigeria in 2018, and I have successfully help a handful of people to get in the game.

Picture taken at a seminar at Ebitari Hotels, Kpansia, Yenagoa, Bayelsa, Nigeria.

Also, I have successfully used information marketing to grow my business to 6 figures income, and I have helped many businesses design and execute their own successful campaigns.

What I am passionate about is helping entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) to grow their business. When you have a business you can grow to whatever level you want.

The best part is that you can run this business from anywhere in the world, the possibilities are endless and it pave way for you to choose the life you want.

With that said, I have breakdown the complex process needed to start an information marketing business in Nigeria into 3 simple basic steps for you to understand better.

The 3 Basic Step to Starting A Succesful Information Marketing Business In Nigeria

The 3 step to start an information marketing business in Nigeria are:

  1. Discover a Problem
  2. Find the Solution
  3. Package and Sell

This sounds like a no BRAINER… doesn’t it?

Though they are other pro strategy but this is just the basic one, and it is the simplicity of the whole process that makes people not do it.

They cannot imagine how such a simple thing can bring in massive money.

Let breakdown the steps so you can get a clear picture what this business model is all about.

Step 1. Discover a Problem

As the name implies “Discover a Problem”, just like the popular local saying “Wahala no dey finish”. Every day people face one challenge or the other, and they are constantly in search of a solution to their problems.

Just online in Facebook groups or other social media and you will discover that people are constantly looking for information in their respective categories that will be useful to their current predicament.

In the sight of digital marketing you will discover that people are looking for information that will solve major issues like:

  • How to create a PayPal account that can receive, send and withdraw to Nigeria local banks without limitations or ban
  • How to run a converting Facebook advert
  • How to successfully do mini-importation business without travelling out of Nigeria
  • How to blog preferably make money with Google adsense
  • And the list goes on an on.

So in essence you “Discover the Problem” and then provide a “Solution” for it. The world is revolving and society has advanced it is the number of problems you can solve daily that determines the amount of income you make.

Step 3. Find the Solution

Now, the money doesn’t come in when you “Discover a Problem”. You have to find a solution that solves that problem.

Fine, you have discovered a pressin problem let say “creating a foreign PayPal account” will it make you money?

Of course not, you will only make money when you provide a solution to the problem. So after discovering that “people are wanting to get a verified foreing paypal account” what next is researching and deploying means to get a solution for it.

Once you are able to get a solution, then you will make money.

Step 3. Package and Sell

This may be the last but it is not the smallest step, but then this step determines how much income you will make from the information marketing business.

And this is where the major work in the information marketing business lies. Yes, you have discovered a problem and successfully provided a solution. The question now is:

How can you now sell this solutions to people that needs it?

Now, this is where most people get it all wrong. Marketing is a game of numbers so that means the more people you discover and reach out that suffer from the problem your product is solving the more sales you will make.

People won’t buy your product unless:

  1. It solves their problem
  2. They feel the value of your product is worth more than the price you are selling it

When this two factors are available then a transaction or a sale is bound to occur.

25 Hot Information Marketing Ideas That Sells Like Crazy In Nigeria

Before you think of any business idea, you need to believe that you can sell, here are some hot information marketing ideas that sell very well in Nigeria.

Let me ask you just two questions:

  • Why do people buy Newspapers on a daily?
  • Why do people buy Magazines on a daily?

The answer is simple they are LOOKING FOR INFORMATION.

As an information marketer, there are many people looking forward to you to help them find solutions to that problem and you shouldn’t disappoint them. Choose a niche that you’re a specialist in and then research properly before writing.

My first eBook, 6-7 Figure Income Monthly Business for Smart People took me more than 1 month to complete because I had to find out what works and what doesn’t work and the subsequent ones didn’t take anything lesser than that.

And I feel fulfilled anytime someone calls me in gratitude for my eBook, in fact, I’ve gotten several emails from people requesting to reproduce parts of the eBook and you know what that means.

The eBook is on how to make money online even when you are broke, but this time around, I will be sharing 27 hot information marketing ideas that sell likes crazy in Nigeria:

  1. – Affiliate Marketing: You can teach people how to become successful in affiliate marketing with examples that have worked for you.
  2. – Bulk SMS: People know of bulk SMS but just a few know how to earn from it or even start it. You can write an eBook on how to start bulk SMS and sell to people, your target audience should be the youths.
  3. – Business Ideas Compendium: A compendium is a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication. Which business idea do you know about or have you tried? You can write an eBook on them and sell them to people. There are many people looking for the best businesses to invest in.
  4. – Business Plans: You can choose specific business plans and write on them, we have written done 10 businesses you can start with ₦100,000 and you can take ideas from there.
  5. – Business Promotion Tips: Are you talented in helping businesses increase their profit, well many brands are looking for you. However, excelling by writing this type of e-book is not an easy task as you should have previous evidence that you’re really talented.
  6. – Business Setup Guide: You can compile an eBook on different businesses and how to set them up. Alternatively, you can pick up a business and write an eBook on it, it all depends on your choice.
  7. – Career Guide: A career guide is an individual or publication that provides guidance to people facing a variety of career challenges. Many people are looking for someone to guide them through the best career path to take and you can be one of the guides.
  8. – Cookbooks: You can compile an eBook on any dish (or dishes) whether international or local and people would be willing to buy them.
  9. Exportation Guide: Importation and exportation guides are hot-cakes, especially when you can teach how to start it with little capital.
  10.  Farming Guide: Are you a trained agriculturist? This is a good time to utilize your knowledge and skills by teaching other people how to excel in it.
  11. Fashion Catalogue: Fashion designers and tailors need catalogs for keeping up to the fashion trends and you can compile and sell these trends to them.
  12. Freelancing: Many people are talented writers but are in need of how to get paid like one. If you know about it, you can as well teach them that. There are also other freelancing skills like graphics designing, website creation, app creation, video editing, and more. if you want to start e]getting paid as a freelancer, you can check out our eBook, ‘Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer’, it’ll help you a lot.
  13. Health Tips: Are you a trained medical practitioner? Which foods should we stop eating? How beneficial is water for us? What is the best food to eat as an adult? You are in the best position to tell us these and more.
  14.  Investment Tips: You can write an eBook for teaching the best types of investments and how to do them. Business ideas that sell well in a particular region can also fit in here.
  15. – Internet Business Guide: How can I make money online is a question asked by many people and you can write an eBook to answer the question.
  16. – Job Finding Guides: These include how to pass interviews, how to write an application letter, and more.
  17. – Love Hacks: These will sell well among the ladies as they are always looking for ways to make their man love them. Guys also read relationship tips too.
  18. – Prayer Points: Among Christians, this is a good way of making money especially if you’re a pastor or influential person.
  19. – Project Topics And Materials: You can aid under-graduates in writing their projects by offering them the topics and materials necessary for it.
  20. – Scholarship Tips: When is the best time to apply for a scholarship and how can I win one? What are the available scholarship opportunities for me? if you know these things, then you can write an eBook on them for other people to read.- 
  21. Security Tips: You can provide guides on how to be safe in a period of time in a region. For example, how to keep your kids safe during elections.
  22. – Sexual Wellness: Teach couples how to have healthy sex and other sex-related issues.
  23. – Song Lyrics: You can compile lyrics on trending songs and sell them online to music lovers. The lyrics can easily be gotten on the internet so you won’t have to do the typing, maybe just a little curation. 
  24. – Visa Guide: How to apply for an international passport is a good example of a related topic. There are so many others and you should research and write about them.
  25. Weight Management Tips: Many guys and ladies are looking for how to reduce their weights and you can teach them that. The food to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, how many hours they should exercise, and more.

Information Marketing Business In Nigeria Course

If you loved what you have just read and you want to pick up the courage to achieve glory in information marketing business then I have all you need to become successful in it compiled in a course I titled “6 – 7 Figure Income/Month Business For Smart People”.

mock 00053 1

Just as the name implies this business model is for “smart people” who are ready to make wealth solving people’s problems. and if this is you then click the button below to download this guide.


Final Verdict

There are many trends today that make it so exciting for you to get customers. It’s easier, it’s cheaper.

It’s more effective and it can happen seven days a week, 24 hours a day without you having to work all that time.

The first trend that you really need to take advantage of is that they are millions of people online searching for what you offer. Up until now advertising and marketing has been called interruption marketing.

Millions of people are actually searching for information’s, all you need to do these days is just put the right informtion out there.

It’s like you have a field behind your house and there are deer in your field looking for saltlick or some food to eat.

All you need to do is put the food out there, and that food will make the deer content.

Secondly, there is a lot of money on the internet. There has never been a more significant time when disposable income and dollars are being made available.

The use of credit cards online is widely accepted now. There’s lot and lots of money available.

So number one, you have got millions of people searchng.

Number two, you have got millions of people searching at the wallet ready.

Why not make it your product, or your information that they are going to buy?

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