Hobby Vs Job – How to Monetize your Hobby, and Escape 9-5 Jobs

On a cold evening when I was having a conversation with another gentleman about (Hobby vs Job vs Career), I asked him.

  • Me: Sir, What is Your Hobby?
  • Him: I Love Swimming
  • Me: How many times do you swim a day?
  • Him: Like seriously, I swim once in a while
  • Me: But why?
  • Him: I got a job, and other stuff to do
  • Me: Then swimming is not your hobby.

My life changed for the better when I converted my Hobby into a Job, and since that very day, I have never worked any day of my life, and I consistently make more money escaping 9 -5 jobs, and you too can do the same (converting your Hobby into Job).

Now, you are likely to ask me “What is it like converting your Hobby into Job”. Before I drive you further, I will walk you through “What a Hobby Is” because your idealogy of a Hobby may be quite myopic and that’s why you don’t know about converting your hobby to a Job.

So without much ado, let get started.

What is Hobby

According to dictionary.com. A hobby is an activity or interest pursued by pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

hobby vs job

90% of individuals think like “My hobby is what I love doing the most”, realistically, we seldom do what we love doing the most, but then, there’s a particular thing or event that we find ourselves doing the most despite all odds, although we may not consider it as our hobby, we don’t get bored or fatigue doing them over and over again.

On the contrary, our Hobby isn’t tied to “what we love doing the most”. But actually ‘What we do the most”. That’s a huge difference.

Hobby is “Something you do, whenever you find some free time. Which you find fascinating enough to kill time”

What is Job

job is an exchange of money for time and effort. We live in a material world and money is a currency to survive it. You do a thing someone needs doing, and they pay you to do it.

Hobby Vs Job Which is Better

Having understood what Hobby vs Job is, which do you think is better?.

Despite working as a computer operator, every little opportunity I get I tailor it into content writing, over my Facebook walls, Twitter post, and more. Then, I thought of making a profit from my content.

I decided to become a freelance writer on Fiverr, but that didn’t pay me off, but I wasn’t discouraged. I kept on with my normal content creation and providing value through my social handles because it is my hobby.

But then, I wasn’t at ease, I kept on searching on how to convert my hobby into a profit or job like I did love to put it.

Finally, I settled in becoming an Infopreneur, and as I improve in my newfound career, I went further into blogging, and that is the highest degree of transformation I have encountered in my life today.

With blogging and other side businesses, I was able to escape 9 – 5 jobs making over $500 Monthly, and I live every day like I do nothing because my hobby is now my job, profit, and passion.

blog income

Works weren’t like work to me, any free time I have, I write content for my blog, I write ebooks, and a lot more, and my income is now on autopilot.

Personally, writing helped me process and reflect on life experiences. It helped me work out what I thought, what I believed, and what I was learning about life.

Editing my writing and sharing it with an audience became about connection with others. Discovering something and sharing it. Learning something and teaching it. Noticing something, and celebrating it. Writing became a powerful tool and I wanted to wield it wisely.

Meanwhile, if you love content creation/writing as a hobby, and you want to venture into full-time blogging, to escape 9 – 5 jobs (monetizing your hobby) Like I did making over $500 recurring income monthly, without stress.

Then, I have something to help you achieve that. I recently combined all my blogging experience into the various eBook guide, to help others get it right, and now, I recommend it for you, go check out “All My Blogging Success”.

Difference Between a Hobby vs Job

hobby is something you do to keep life fun and interesting. job is an exchange of money for time and effort.
With a hobby, the stakes are zero.We live in a material world and money is a currency to survive it.
It’s simply something you enjoy doing.You do a thing someone needs doing, and they pay you to do it.

Watch the wonderful video of Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation below..

How to Monetize your Hobby

Depending on what your hobby is, it’s possible you might be able to monetize them. If you love to write, perhaps you can be the one to draft copy for a big project, you can also go into freelance writing.

If you rock out with your band on the weekends, maybe you can provide music for marketing videos, or run a youtube tv, and get paid as people watch you rock.

It’s possible to turn your hobby into a full-time career, but sometimes this path is more attractive in theory than reality. Instead, try to inject some of the creativity and passion from your hobbies into the workplace – and wake up every morning feeling inspired.

Because it your hobby work won’t feel like work to you, but when it is a Job it does.

Final Verdict

When participating in a hobby, you’re usually showing a regular dedication to it. For example, if your hobby is collecting stamps, you may consistently find new stamps and continue building your collection. You can have an interest in various subjects depending on your mood, profession, or attention span.

In the case of a Job, if you work as a marketing professional, you could have an interest in learning about search engine optimization best practices. You can gain a certification that teaches you more about this topic. Once you receive this certification, your interest may decrease and you may start developing an interest in a separate subject.

Do you think your hobby should also be your Job or career option? Why or why not? Share in the comments!

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