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what will you do to make quick cash legally when you are broke?

What is your answer to the question above? 

Now, let us find out what you are supposed to do…..

Make no mistake about it, the information marketing business in Nigeria is probably the only business you can start with less than N5,000 now and be making a good profit of over N200,000 weekly or monthly if you get it right.

Trust me, this is a business I know very well. When I say very well I mean like the back of my palm. So, everything I am about to write is from personal experience!

I have been helping Dads, Moms, Workers and even student to escape being broke…..


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Information Marketing is probably the easiest means of making quick money on or off the Internet from any part of the world. Many acclaimed Internet Marketers all over the world have taken advantage of this unique business to create wealth for themselves. Some even made so much money in this business that they are now millionaires in dollars.

Here in Nigeria, there are notable Internet Marketers who made good money from information marketing through which they also established other great businesses that now worth hundreds of millions of Naira.

Information marketing business is a huge career and one thing unique about it is that it requires little or no capital to start, all you need is the inspiration and the knowledge. The revenue in the business is so huge that you can make Between N500,000 to N1,000,000 within a week if you get your strategy right.

Information marketing business is a business for smart people only. If you can get smart with your ideas, you will make quick and serious money in the business. Others have done it and many are still doing it. So why not you? Information marketing business will continue to thrive as long as human beings exists on this planet earth.

List Of Information Marketers In Nigeria To Learn From

Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase

Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase – The Chairman of Complete Communications Ltd, Publishers of Complete Sports Newspaper, Success Digest Daily, and Complete Football. He is one of the pioneer of Information marketing revolution in Nigeria and built his publishing business empire said to worth more than N600Million through information marketing business.

Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi – Though I haven’t had personal encounter with him but I have seen and heard a lot about his Information marketing exploit. He is one guy I admire his tactics and selling skills very much. A very talented Information Marketer and Sales Pitch Copywriter, Mr. Alabi built his Sports Betting company and other businesses (Currently worth OVER N1Billion) purely with the money he made from Information Marketing.


Johnmiracle Ejikeme – You have seen and heard about my humble self in one way or the other in relation to Information Marketing. I started Information marketing business in 2018 as a young man looking for means of livelihood. Over the years, I have been able to migrate to build up half a million business project– The Bull Network Organization...


Efe Imiren

Efe Imiren – She calls herself Information Marketing Queen and I think she truly is. This lady has a unique marketing ability through which she has conquered many information marketing niches in Nigeria. She has been able to calve a niche for herself in Information Marketing business in Nigeria. She currently boasts of some multi million Naira investments in and outside information business in Nigeria.

Ik Iroegbu

Ik Iroegbu – His information product website was probably one of the most popular sell page in Nigeria in those days. I believe he founded BoligComm Ltd. from the profit he made in Information Marketing.

These are just few people I can wrap my head on right now. There are tens of other great Nigerian Information Marketers (Too numerous to be mentioned here) who through Information Marketing business have created wealth for themselves. Many of whom can legitimately be said to be rich.

This business is so dead simple that you can do it with your two eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. If you really want to start a profitable business straight away without going on your kneels begging for funding, go with INFORMATION PRODUCT MARKETING BUSINESS.

But What Really Is Information Marketing?

Just as the name imply, Information Marketing business is the business of providing useful information to information seekers to helping them solve their problems and charging for it.

The internet has become the fastest and easiest medium to get information of just about anything and millions of people are turning to it everyday to get different information. If you have any useful information about anything people are looking for, you can market it to to people and make money. This process is called Information Marketing.

Let us put it this way – Everyday, five hundred thousand people are looking for information on how to lose weight. If you have the useful information on how anyone can lose weight and package it in eBook, DVD, Audio, or other formats. These people are willing and ready to buy it from you at a reasonable price.

If you sell 1,000 copies of the information at N2,000 each, you will make 2000×1000 =N2,000,000. You can achieve this in no time if you are good at it. So the question is not whether there is money in Information Marketing business, the real question should be “How to get in and get it right”?

Can you now see the reason Information Marketing has been called a multi million dollars business?

The process is quite simple – simpler than you can ever imagine and I think anyone with simple brain can do it. There is huge opportunity in the information market waiting to be tapped right now.

I will be writing some articles on Information Marketing here on Johnmiracleejikeme.com in the subsequent weeks. But to make it more convenient to you, I have written a simple easy to follow eBook with practical guide that anyone can follow. This eBook was written purely in Nigerian context and focused more on how to create and market your information in Nigeria off the net.

The eBook is a must read for everyone who wants to make money in information business in Nigeria. This eBook will guide you on how you can join other Nigerian elite Information Marketers and make money for yourself, by following the process outlined there in.

from the Desk of Johnmiracle Ejikeme

johnmiracle ejikeme

Dear Friend,

How do you raise money in 24 Hours, when you are broke, in dire need of cash for an emergency situation or have to pay an urgent bill that will bring shame and reproach to you amongst your friends and family members, if not paid on time?

Questions are very powerful things. Think about it for a minute, every major discovery from airplanes to computers – all of them, where created because someone had enough guts to simply ask a question.

Todays’ Important Question is:

“What do you do, when you are broke?”

Put in another way:

“what can you do right NOW to raise cash in an emergency situation and how can you do it CONSISTENTLY i.e. how can you ensure that when ever you need cash in an emergency situation you will ALWAYS get it, No matter what?!”

If you are reading this letter right now, chances are that

You are tired of being a job seeker or You are tired of trekking the streets of Lagos in search of a job or You don’t want to spend the rest of your life working like a slave on a job that never gives you any personal satisfaction or You are tired of constantly being broke and living from hand-to-mouth or You would like to earn a six-figure monthly income while working less than 3 hours a day or You want to be able to work wherever and whenever you want to or You are planning to quit your job very soon and you have no idea what you want to do next or You are a struggling business owner who finds it difficult to generate cash flow in your business or You would like to have more than enough free time to spend with your family and friends.

If you have answered YES – as in- you fall into at least ONE of these categories, then you are most likely wondering why others are making IT in terms of MONEY in life – BUT NOT YOU. And you could have found yourself wishing for some-one who would simply hand you a crystal clear easy-to-follow treasure map for making it in Nigeria.

Stick with me to the end of this letter, I will reveal to you EXACTLY what to do.

My name is Johnmiracle Ejikeme, and if you do a little google search on my name, you’ll find out that I have been around for a while and I have built a successful career out showing people what to do when they are broke…I do this for a living because I was once in your shoes…and Many many years ago, while in those shoes of tight cash flow I asked a friend this same question and guess what the answer was? He said to me – “Sell Something!” 

So I asked myself, what do I sell with SPEED and EASE that people will fall over themselves to buy INSTANTLY?

Here is an illustration to help you get the answer.

Why are you reading this mail now?  >>>>> You want to “Know” What do do
Why do people buy newspaper every day? >>>> They want to “Know” what is happening in town. Why do you have a TV at home? Exactly! >>>> To “KNOW” the latest news, trends, music, etc . The number ONE and most visited website on planet earth is what? GOOGLE.

WHY? People visit Google because they want to “KNOW” something; they are in search of ONE important thing and that thing is called >>>> INFORMATION.

Information is a world ‘CURRENCY’. And it is the one thing that you can sell NOW that people will fall over themselves to buy INSTANTLY!


Information is Solution.

And if the information you have will bring ‘relief from pain’ and a clear solution to the problem that an individual is facing, and the individual desperately wants to solve his problem URGENTLY, they will trip over themselves to pay you for it. With this little background I –

I Welcome YOU to the information marketing industry – a little-known industry of entrepreneurs, most working quietly and only part-time hours YET netting six-figure profits in Nigeria!

Info-marketers gather information and sell it in convenient forms to people who need it. The topics include everything imaginable from better sex, to relationships, to farming, to investing in real estate, to fish farming, to weight loss and healthy living, to okada riding, to public speaking, to seminar organizing, to study abroad tips, to running businesses. ANYTHING.

Information Marketing is fuelled by the ever-increasing pressure on peoples’ time. Business people and consumers alike need information provided to them in convenient forms. The Information Industry encompasses products like traditional books, audio programs, videos or DVD’s that you might buy in a shop, book store or online. They could be e-books, membership websites training courses, seminars, conferences and combinations of all these. Much of this business is conducted by lone small, quiet operators, many with home-based businesses, most with zero to no more than a few employees, most working only part-time hours and most netting 6-figure profits.

When You are broke, the FASTEST way to raise cash is to sell INFORMATION.

Whether you are a business owner, employee or just plain jobless, if you know how to do it right, you can build a comfortable life out of selling information on the internet.

It is not enough to know that you can sell information to raise emergency cash you need to know, what type of information, how to package and present it, how to even make people buy it, why people will buy it, where to even get it from and a lot of other stuff > in fact

You need a PROVEN system and BLUEPRINT  to follow if you do not want to have tales of woes, or fail at it.

Introducing The 6-7 Figure Income Monthy Business For Smart People.
The Only eBook Published in Nigeria showing you the Quickest Way To Make It BIG in Information Marketing Business

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In this Detailed Blue Print, you will find answers to your challenging financial and cash flow freedom as you read through 22 simple and easy to implement chapters and In addition to an easy process for you to create your own info-business, this book reveals the EXACT businesses strategies, marketing materials and business documents that I have used to consistently generate income monthly in Nigeria…so you can have the tools you need to duplicate my success

redcheck2011 Chapter 1.  Introduction to Information marketing: Are you new to information marketing or do not know how it can be of benefit to you and your business, find out details here.

   redcheck2011   Chapter 2. What is Information Marketing:  Find out what exactly information marketing is and why a lot of people have confused it with internet marketing!

redcheck2011     Chapter 3.  Discover 12 Reasons Why You Should Have an Information Marketing Business Today and why it is obviously the single and fastest way known to multiply your income, build your own business, sky rocket your career and make sure you never worry about money ever again!

redcheck2011 Chapter 4.  Discover what kind of information can you exchange for money and why people will never pay you for certain types of information no matter how powerful your sales copy is!

redcheck2011 Chapter 5.  Discover How to Turn a Negative Experience into an Information Marketing Business Empire

redcheck2011 Chapter 6.  Revealed in this chapter is the secret on How to Turn Your Passion into cash in the bank – A Practical Guide using tried and tested Classified Adverts

redcheck2011 Chapter 7.   The 4 Most Important Requirements You Need To Start a Profitable Information Marketing Business Today

redcheck2011Chapter 8.  How you can succeed on the Internet as an Information Marketer

redcheck2011 Chapter 9.   An Insiders’ View into a Highly Successful Information Marketing Business. Stop struggling to make it in your info marketing business, discover the business models used by gurus, especially in Nigeria. It is a shame for an American to teach you how to run you business in Nigeria! Only a Nigerian understands how to overcome PHCN to run a successful info marketing business; discover how within the pages of this book!

redcheck2011 Chapter 10.   How to make your 1st million as an information marketer on the internet; it is not rocket science, i have done it and you will discover how cheap it is within the pages of this book! 

redcheck2011 Chapter 11.   How to Start An Internet Based Information Marketing Business Without Spending A Single Kobo. Is start up capital a challenge for you? Don’t worry you will discover how to access resources free-of-charge in this book!

redcheck2011  Chapter 12.   5 Reasons you should start your information marketing business on a blog. Is blogging a mystery to you? or you have a blog and you a mystified about how to turn it into your own private ATM? I don’t care if you are a banker, entrepreneur, teacher, pastor, politician, whatever your vocation. If you own a blog, it should produce cash for you! Discover what to do within the pages of this book!

redcheck2011 Chapter 13.   Killer Auto responder Strategies for Aspiring Information Marketers. Listen to me, Most gurus you hear about in Nigeria don’t work HARD, they work SMART! You can choose to keep struggling with your business or invest a miserly N500 to end your info marketing and internet business struggles.  

redcheck2011 Chapter 14.   This Chapter is a biggie! ePayment Systems – How To Collect Your Money on Your Website as an Information Marketer. Why make money you can only see on your computer screen but can touch, see, handle or even kiss?! It has become relatively easy to collect your cash from your website in Nigeria today. Discover the ePayment solutions used in Nigeria by smart internet marketers today.

redcheck2011 Chapter 15.   The Quickest Way to Earn a six figure income consistently every month in Information Marketing Business. Why start a business that can not give you consistent cash monthly? Find out how to keep the cash flowing in your internet and information marketing business, even if your list is tired of buying from you! 

redcheck2011 Chapter 16.   10 Profitable Resources for Building a Successful Information Marketing Business. You have no reason to keep failing at putting consistent cash in the bank as an info marketer because these 10 resources are available to your FREE! Discover what they are and why you can’t afford not to use them in your business.

redcheck2011 Chapter 19.   What Gurus do to succeed in Information Marketing Business. Like I said, I won’t try to hard sell you into buying this book, but if you are serious about succeeding in this timeless business, order the book now!

 When You get this book, you get 4 FREE Gifts!

So How Much Exactly is this Blueprint?

It’s so affordable you may almost fall off your chair when I tell you. Infact, the amount you would invest in getting this blueprint will not buy you a full Mr. Biggs pack with drinks for you and your best friend. Yes, this blueprint is that affordable. And I intentionally did it this way so that you would have no excuse to stop you from getting the information you need to become one of the very few elite Nigerians in the information marketing industry who work quietly from the comfort of their homes or laptop and YET net six-figure profits!

Not only that, I am even so confident about the information you are about to invest in such that I will even offer you a money back guarantee. Even though your investment is not enough to buy a Mr. Biggs meal for you and your best buddy, I will take ALL the risk of investing away from you by ensuring that if you are not happy with this blueprint, you can ask for your money back. BUT – You just must act within TODAY – After TODAY, my offer closes. Honestly.


Here is the deal

guarantee seal

You have 30 full days to test drive every thing I revealed to you in the Info-Marketing BlueprintIf after 30 days, you have not gotten any value in the info-marketing blueprint from what I revealed in the ebook and you can show me evidence that you did ALL that I revealed in the ebook in the exact step by step manner in which I revealed it, then simply send me a mail to request for you money back.

And you will even get to keep the ebook and all the bonuses for FREE!

There’s no refund for just anyone who just wakes up in the middle of nothing to say “sorry, it’s a mistake, this is not for me” or “I just wanted to try this product to see what is inside” or “people who want to grab for free”.  This is because it took MONTHS and THOUSANDS of learning HOURS and MONEY to create this blueprint. So, Once you click to purchase your copy I want you to take full 30days to go through everything that’s inside the entire blueprint. This works ONLY if you take action. You only see results if you take action. If you finish the entire blueprint and it’s bonuses and implemented everything that you learned and you still didn’t get value which I highly doubt, and you can show me evidence that you did ALL that I revealed in the ebook in the exact step by step manner in which I revealed it, then simply send me a mail to request for you money back.

And you will even get to keep the ebook and all the bonuses for FREE!

If the info-marketing blueprint does not deliver, I’m the one who would loose. So, You see, I have taken all the risk from you.. FREE your mind and get Info-Marketing Blueprint Now!

How To Order

Payments Option A

Click the “Order Now” Button Below to make Direct Online Payment with Your Naira/Dollar ATM Cards

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Payments Option B

Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + code “BusinessforSmartPeople” + Date you are making payment to 0906 174 1954 

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N3,000 yes, that’s right, a miserly three thousand Naira only. But for 72 Hours Only. After 72 Hours, Price goes right up to N5, 000 

Account Name:         Johnmiracle Ejikeme

GTBank Account Number:    0439034855


First Bank Account Number: 6552024085

Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + code “PaidBusiness4SmartPeople” to johnmiracleejikeme@gmail.com

Title of the email – “John I Paid for Business4SmartPeopleBook

Step 4: Following the protocols will help me track your email from other emails quick, Once I have verified your payment, your material will be emailed to you


Johnmiracle Ejikeme
0906 174 1954

PS: As revealed above, not every one knows EXACTLY what to do when they are broke in Nigeria and those who know what to do, do not know how to go about it

PS: In 21 full chapters you will discover EXACTLY how NEVER  to be broke again BUT

PS: For Today ONLY   December 26, 2020 , you can have access to ALL the 21 chapter Blueprint and All the entire bonuses for a very miserly fee of N3,000. After TODAY, the price shoots up to N5000 and understand this, I will not find it is difficult to say ‘NO’ to your money, once I close my offer. You procrastinate, You Loose. Period. Download the Blueprint Now

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